The religious surroundings in Latin America has been altered by forces of globalization and westernization, despite the fact that the area is still predominately Catholic. The majority of the population in the area no longer practices organized church, and many of them identify as atheists or agnostics.

However, the impact of religion in Latin America is still present. The vast majority of Catholics (88 % ) and Protestants ( 8 % ) continue to affirm their faith in god. Additionally, almost nine out of ten (86 % ) of Latin Americans surveyed say they believe in jesus Christ. A sizeable portion of interviewees also identify with a variety of aboriginal beliefs and practices, including Santeria, Candomble, Umbanda, and cultural magic, as well as numerous Afro-caribbean and Brazilian beliefs.

The religious viewpoint and practices of Latinas/os are still influenced by enduring cultural ideals like personalismo and simpatico despite forces of globalization that does distort sociopolitical frontiers. This racial value emphasizes friendliness, intimacy, and emotion with people. This translates into a private connection with one’s idea of an omniscient being through trust encounters, which may include the Holy tips of God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Guadalupe, and many other faithful. These gods serve as pipes or sponsors for one’s prayers for goodness.

These results support Latino philosophical viewpoints that, independent of the Catholic Church framework latina wife, faith is an essential part of Latinas ‘ livelihoods and works. Latinas/os have a connection to the Almighty through their relationships with friends, relatives, family dynamics, and the area. This connection gives them the strength to overcome challenges in their own lives and in the world around them.